Mike Hines & The Look

2022 Inductee into the Delaware Rock & Roll society

38 years of top-notch entertainment



Jul 26
7:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Jul 27
Jul 31
Aug 04
Aug 16
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Aug 17
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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Mike Hines, also known as Mike Hines and The Look, is a high energy, 5 member dance band that can bring any party to life. A very professional, hardworking, talented group of men who have been entertaining large crowds in the Delaware Valley for 35 years. They’re also being inducted into the Delaware Rock and Roll Society later this year. Mike Hines and The Look is the ultimate party band, their chemistry together is second to none and when they play nobody sits down.

WHY book mike hines?

Mike Hines and The Look have longevity, experience and the ability to entertain crowds of all ages and ethnicities. They can adapt to any environment and perform many genres of music. Mike Hines and The Look has a top notch work ethic and take pride in the way that they engage with the audience and keep them dancing. They’re a class act that’s known for their versatility, crowd interaction, and mass
appeal and for having diverse clientele from several generations. They just don’t play music; they entertain and can captivate any audience.

About US

Mike Hines, also known as Mike Hines and The Look, is a high energy dance band who can bring any party to life. They play r&b, hip hop, pop, old school funk; along with a small taste of Motown and disco. Mike Hines and The Look frequently performs at night clubs, weddings, festivals and private parties and they always get the crowd involved. They’re the ultimate party band, with a very diverse following from several generations. When they play, nobody sits down.
Mike has been a featured vocalist in several bands on the east and west coast and has opened for acts such as the legendary Dionne Warwick, The Ohio Players, Atlantic Star, Taylor Dayne, Gilbert Godfrey, Chris Rock, Al B. Sure, Lisa, Lisa, Naughty by Nature, War and The Sugar Hill Gang. Most of his success came with Mike Hines and The Look in Delaware, where they had a recording contract with Atlantic Records, Bud Lite sponsorship and won many awards and honors. Mike’s performances have taken him to many major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Atlantic City, New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and he has also performed in Hawaii, London and France as well. Mike Hines and The Look have been together 30 plus years and still one of the biggest draws in Delaware and Maryland.
Mike Hines is a consummate showman who sings and dances with energy, style and finesse. He has an amazing charismatic personality on and off stage and displays a top notch work ethic. An evening of entertainment with Mike Hines and his band is an exciting experience not to be missed.


“Hines has become somewhat legendary for his unpredictability in his live shows, combining choreography and audience participation. The result is an energetic live show.” – The Atlantic City Press

“When it comes down to it, there’s only one way to describe what Mike Hines does: Entertain!” – Beachcomber

“They put on an excellent show for audiences of all ages. He is the ultimate party starter!”
William J. DiMondi, Esq. (General Manager) – Delaware State Fair, Inc.

“Over three decades, the ubiquitous dance band has been entertaining with its signature brand of high-energy performance that continues to pack venues.” – Delaware State News

“His band has a great sound and they play different kinds of music for everyone to enjoy. Top shelf entertainment!” – Bryant T. Bell (Director of Major Gifts) Delaware State University President’s Ball

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